Über mich / About me

Ich bin sycramore, Physikstudentin aus Berlin mit Interesse an diversen Themen – Politik, IT-Sicherheit, Computer, Internet, Quanteninfo und diverses mehr. Dies ist mein Blog, wo ich meine persönlichen Ansichten mit der Welt teilen und diskutieren möchte.

I am sycramore, a Berlin-based physics student with research interests in quantum information and quantum cryptography. In my free time I read a lot in the internet about various topics that interest me. Among those are German and US politics and demography – here mostly the effects that societal values and their alignment with family policy have on fertility rates and how this affects these societies.

I used to study chemistry before I switched to physics. During my life I wanted to know why certain chemicals react in the way they do. This triggered some interest in biochemistry but I wanted to go to the fundamentals. Still in school I asked my chemistry teacher where the periodic table comes from and she just answered „Google Schrödinger equation“ which I did and failed to understand. School continued and I continued to fail to understand QM. When I decided to study chemistry I thought the question might be answered but over time I realized that physics suit my strange way of thinking better. I like problem solving, coming up with crazy ideas and how they combine different fields. This blog is intended for sharing my ideas with no guarantee for expertise or working. I hope some people who specialize in the topics covered will read them and reply whether this makes sense or not. I can read statistics about actions of antidepressant drugs, biochemistry or influences of state sponsored kindergardens on fertility rates of different countries but I lack the expertise in the specific fields. On the other hand I think that my focus on a certain topic is different from the focus experts have all day long and I still hope that sometimes I might see a connection which might help others to get new ideas and realize them – be it IT security, cryptography, quantum technology, demography, foreign policy or drug design. I love and need to share these ideas. Unfortunately Twitter is not suited for that purpose and my tweets accumulate and get too long. I try to see things in a balanced way and judging things neither to negatively nor to positively. In our current debate about media use and the internet frontiers are hardening and I want to break those frontiers. I invite you to step out of your filter bubble and join me in my strange ideas. Feel free to comment and to discuss – this is what this blog is for. Feel free to take my strange ideas and to discuss them with your friends and colleagues – but please keep in mind that I am rather a jack of all trades than an expert in your field. If an idea offers potential please message me and tell me about it. And if the idea is crap – please let me know so and tell me why.

I am not writing very often and it takes time for me to sort through my ideas. A lot of them are still in the making and just come up from time to time. Enjoy reading and happy discussion. 🙂